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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Free Websites for Business

by David Ryan
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There are reasons why free hosting websites don’t work for business. They have no contribution to success in business. Yes, a free website will be good for blog writing or can serve well as a portfolio website but it’s tough to say the same for businesses. You wouldn’t see any company choosing free hosting websites. Why? Here are the reasons.

1. Not customizable

When you are opting for a free website, you can’t make changes more than they give you. You can’t change the layout, you can just tweak things here and there. The free websites aren’t intuitive and therefore can give customers or clients the hard time. You can’t color coordinate with your websites. And there isn’t much to do. Most of the free websites aren’t even responsive, and those that are, you wouldn’t like their layouts. This happens in most cases.

2. Slow to load

Some websites are good looking, no denying at that. But it takes ages to load and this can be irritating for most website viewers. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like a website that takes time to load and is difficult to navigate? You won’t. In order to increase traffic, you always need to take one step forward. You need to keep your website updated using upgraded programming versions. But this will not be your case if you decide to choose a free website.

3. Security vulnerabilities

With your free websites, you can’t set the security up to standards. If the coding is not done by someone you trust, chance is there could be scripting flaws or security vulnerabilities that could cause your website’s downfall. Also, if you are using a free hosted website, you can even get to encrypt your website. You can’t protect your viewers’ privacy. So, think if you really want to risk the security?


4. Subdomains

A paid website and domain site let you choose your domain name freely which will suit your service. A domain name acts as an address to your website. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for free websites. They always have their name in the domain unless you buy a domain from them, for example, if you want to name your website as Jane Doe’s Bakery then like other paid websites you can’t just use janedoebakery.com. Instead, you have to be happy with janedoebakery.xx.com. You might think this wouldn’t matter but trust me it does. What your website is, is a subdomain of the main domain (xx.com). And google ranks subdomains very low. If you want your website to be search friendly you need to have the main domain.

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